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$795 - Early Payment (payment must be received by July 31st, 2023)

$895 - Standard Payment (payment must be received by October 15th, 2023)

$995 - Late Payment (payment received after October 15th, 2023)

The Flat Fee includes up to 5 matches and one practice session per team, including at least one match at the USTA National Campus.  If a team would like to add an additional match after the 5 included matches, the cost will be $125 per team/per match.  Teams are welcome to substitute any of their included matches for a practice (1.5 – 2.0 hours x 3 courts).

All match slots are 3.5 hours, which includes a 30 minute warm up.


The flat fee includes score cards and seating at all facilities and water and ice at most facilities.  Please ensure you notify us if you require singles sticks at time of scheduling and we will do our best to accommodate this.


No match locations are guaranteed.  However, every team on the flat fee is guaranteed at least one match at the USTA National Campus.

Teams wishing to play 2 matches in a day are welcome to schedule this, however no 2nd matches are guaranteed until every first match has been allocated.  Please note some 2nd matches may be scheduled on Har-Tru courts.  The busiest court days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, therefore teams are far more likely to get a double header on hard courts later in the week or at the weekend. 



For teams passing through Orlando or Tampa during the tournament, we offer the opportunity to participate in Spring Break Tennis!

$250 per team/per match

  • 1 match limit, no lodging required. 

  • If practice time is also required, teams may book 1 practice session (max 3 courts for 1.5 hours) at $25 per court hour.


$225 per team/per match

  • 2 match limit


  • If practice time is also required, teams may book up to 2 practice sessions (max 3 courts for 1.5 hours) at $25 per court hour.


For teams that are playing UCF ONLY, practice can be arranged at $25 per court hour.

Teams requiring practice time only cannot be accommodated unless lodging is booked through SBS or the lodging opt out fee is paid.

Please note no match or practice locations can be guaranteed for teams paying on the individual match basis.

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL MATCH FEES MUST BE RECEIVED BY 12/15/2023, otherwise matches may be cancelled.



Special pricing is available for Florida Schools to participate with Spring Break Tennis.

​$150 per team/per match

Match location cannot be guaranteed. 

We would ask, where practical, that Florida teams host matches at their own facility from 3/4- 3/6 and 3/11 – 3/13/2024 – as these are the two busiest weeks.


For the week of 3/25 to 4/1, there is no charge for Florida teams who come to one of our facilities to play an out of state team who is already on the flat fee with SBT.

$25 per court hour for practice

Please note: If an overnight stay is needed, lodging must be booked through Spring Break Tennis. 

​All match fees must be received by December 15th, 2023 otherwise matches may be cancelled. 

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL MATCH FEES MUST BE RECEIVED BY 12/15/2023, otherwise matches may be cancelled.



All teams will have access to the Athletic Trainer when they are playing a match/practice at the USTA National Campus. 


Spring Break Tennis is a stay-to-play event - all lodging must be booked through Spring Break Tennis otherwise teams will be subject to a $850 surcharge per team (i.e. $1,700 for a Men’s and a Women’s team).



All match times allow for a 25 minute warm up period with your team. Please do not arrive 1 hour early and expect warm up courts to be available. If courts are available, we will do our best to get you on earlier. No warm up is permitted with your opponent unless the player did not play in the doubles – in which case a 5 minute warm up is allowed for that individual.  5 minutes is built into the schedule to allow players to get to the correct courts.  Therefore, the first point of the match should start 30 minutes after your allocated court time.


No-AD scoring for singles and doubles for ALL DIVISIONS

There are NO service lets for ALL DIVISIONS

If a team has won the overall match and both coaches have previously agreed not to play the clinch format, all remaining singles matches that have not started a third set will become super tiebreakers.

If a team wants to play the clinch format, please confirm this with the opposing coach BEFORE THE MATCH STARTS.



Singles – Two out of Three Sets

Doubles – One Six game set – 7 point tie break at 6 all



Singles – Two out of Three Sets

Doubles – One Eight game pro-set – 7 point tie break at 7 all

If you are playing a DI, DII, NAIA or JUCO School, the D1/D2/NAIA/JUCO format and rules below will be used.


Your individual match schedule will advise you whether your match starts with singles or doubles. To enable all the matches to be fitted in, you MUST adhere to this requirement. Please notify SBS if you require to play doubles first for a particular match.


For All Matches – Current ITA DI/DII/DIII/NAIA/JUCO rules will apply.




In the event of rain or inclement weather, SBS will do its best to re-schedule matches or practice, based on court availability including Har-Tru courts.

Unfinished matches - where a result has not been determined - that exceed the allotted time may be re-scheduled based on court availability.  

SBS accepts no responsibility if matches are unable to be re-scheduled. 



The ITA Code of Conduct will be strictly enforced. All SBS staff and all facilities staff reserve the right to enforce the ITA Code of Conduct.


Once you have completed your on-line registration form, we will add you to the list of teams and send you a link to enable you to see who else will be in Orlando for your week.  We will also send you an invoice for your match fees - based on the flat fee unless you tell us otherwise.



As with previous, years all coaches are free to set their own schedule of opponents.  Coaches liaise to agree matches and dates, along with their preferred start times.  Please note start times are 7.30/8am, 11.30am, 3pm and 6.30/7pm (dependent on facility).  Once you have agreed a match, please email this to 


FINAL SCHEDULES – INLCUDING PREFERRED START TIMES AND REQUESTED PRACTICE TIMES – MUST BE EMAILED TO BY 12/15/2023.  Schedules received after this date, may not be guaranteed a match at the USTA National Campus.


Please remember, SBS operates a stay to play policy.  We have a wide range of accommodation options – from hotels to 15 bedroom houses. 


To enable us to provide you with some different options, please let us have the following:

  • Your approximate travel dates

  • Numbers of players (men and women)

  • Number of coaches

  • Whether you want coaches to share a unit with the players or if they require a separate unit.

  • Whether your players require individual beds, or if you are happy for them to share a king or queen bed. 


Please note that the earlier we receive your lodging requests, the better the chance of you getting your preferred option.

  Ground Transportation

As in previous years, we have a discounted rate for cars, mini vans and 15 pax vans. There continues to be a national shortage of 15 pax vans.  We are currently only allocating 1 x 15 pax van per team (priority will be given to teams who have paid their match fees).  Cars and mini vans still have excellent availability.

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