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  1. Spring Break Sports Inc, its Directors, employees, agents and partners, accept no liability whatsoever in relation to any accidents, injuries or loss of monies, jewelry or valuables of any kind or for any damage caused to either players, coaches, assistants or others traveling with the Team.

  2. It is a condition of participation that when a team signs up to Spring Break Sports Inc, they are bound by the fees and policies in operation by SBS. Payment of either initial deposit, 2nd deposit or any further payment for accommodations or match fees, is deemed as acceptance of all Spring Break Sports' Terms of Business - as listed on the website and updated from time to time.  For tennis and lacrosse teams only, registration or scheduling is also deemed as acceptance of all terms of business.

  3. For tennis and lacrosse teams only, it is a condition of participation that each team provides a Certificate of Liability Insurance listing Spring Break Sports Inc and all playing facilities as Additionally Insured - minimum amount required $1,000,000.00.   This certificate must be received by 1st February 2023.  Failure to provide this will mean teams are unable to participate in the program and no monies whatsoever will be refunded.

  4. For tennis and lacrosse teams only, in the event that a team wishes to cancel, match/game/practice fees paid to SBS will be fully credited for use towards 2024 match fees up to the 1st November 2022, less an administration fee of $250 per team.  After this date, no match fee credits will be given.

  5. All accommodation must be booked through SBS. SBS reserves the right to alter accommodations booked if necessary.

  6. Any applicable taxes are charged at the prevailing rate and are subject to alteration without notice.

  7. Failure to pay invoices by the specified deadlines could result in cancellation without notice.  In this event, there will be no refund of any deposits received.

  8. If a team wishes to use a Florida Tax Exemption Certificate this must be provided to Spring Break Sports at time of first payment - and must be valid for duration of stay.

  9. For tennis and lacrosse teams only, no matches/practices/games will be confirmed until payment has been received from both teams for both match fees and accommodations.

  10. Accommodation reservations are made on behalf of the College/High School/University Teams with a variety of accommodation providers.  All teams agree to abide by the Terms set out in the Housing Check In Document.  Failure to complete and return the Housing Check in Document will result in all accommodations being canceled and no refunds will be issued in these circumstances.

  11. All clients must abide by all the Terms and Conditions set out by the Accommodation Provider – a list of these can be found inside each individual unit.

  12. The Accommodation Provider may take a security deposit at time of check in - this varies between $250 and $500 PER UNIT - depending on Accommodation Provider's policy.

  13. Bed layouts cannot be guaranteed.  Whilst every effort is made to ensure you are able to occupy the actual units discussed at time of booking, in the event that a unit is not available for any reason (such as damage by a previous occupant, unit leaving the management company’s inventory, etc etc) we will ensure you receive the same (or greater) number of bedrooms in that development.  For reference, all houses will accommodate an average of two people per room (either in king, queen, full or 2 x twin beds).  For example, we guarantee a 4 bedroom house will sleep 8 people and a 6 bedroom house will sleep 12 people, etc etc.  SBS accepts no liability whatsoever in the event that a team wishes to accommodate more than 2 people per room.  Additionally, in the event that a team seeks to place more people in a house than it is licensed for, the Housing provider has the absolute right to cancel the booking, and remove the team from the house.  In these circumstances, no refund will be offered.

  14. Teams wishing to travel by charter bus must notify SBS of this prior to booking.  No bus access can be guaranteed unless this has been pre-approved prior to reservations being finalized.

  15. Spring Break Sports Inc's obligation regarding the relationship of host hotels/vacation homes/condos and participating teams ends after the team has successfully checked in to their lodging.

  16. All accommodations must be booked by 1st December 2022 and are on an Availability Only basis. Spring Break Sports Inc will endeavor to accommodate your first housing option.

  17. All teams are strongly encouraged to take out their own travel insurance to cover them in the event they are unable to travel.

  18. For all accommodations a $250 per unit non-refundable deposit is required within 7 days of the invoice in order to hold the unit(s). A further non-refundable deposit of $250 per unit will be required by 15th October 2022.  The remaining balances are due by 15th December 2022.

  19. Accommodations not paid by the above dates are subject to cancellation.  In the event that a team does not meet the above payment deadlines, SBS reserves the right to deem the unit as cancelled and to withhold any monies paid to date and to treat the cancellation as per Item 20 below.

  20. In the event that a team wishes to cancel their lodging reservation for any reason, the monies paid – less the $500 non-refundable deposit– will be held as a credit, for that team only, for their 2024 spring break only – AS LONG AS NOTICE IS RECEIVED BY 15th DECEMBER 2022.  In the event that a team cancels on or after 15TH December 2022, but prior to 61 days of their arrival date, 50% of the monies paid (less the non-refundable $500 per unit and a credit card fee of 3.5% if applicable) will be credited towards their spring break 2024 trip.  In the event that cancellation is made within 60 days of arrival, then all monies will be forfeited and no credits or refunds will be issued.  All cancellations and/or changes must be sent in writing to

  21. Please note that parking is very controlled in all housing developments – and all clients MUST adhere to ALL parking regulations.  In particular, please ensure no vehicle blocks the sidewalk at any time and no vehicles are left overnight on the street.  Please note ALL vehicles must be registered in advance for all housing locations and a parking pass will be issued.  Some resorts will make a charge for this – we will forward you the link if applicable to enable you to pay for your vehicle in advance.  Please note that guests not staying at the resorts will not be permitted to enter (this includes parents who may be travelling with your team but staying at a different location.)  Spring Break Sports will not be liable for any associated costs of vehicles being towed.

  22. Spring Break Sports Inc is registered with the State of Florida as a Seller of Travel. Registration No. ST35352.

  23. Payments made by a credit or debit card may be subject to a 3.5% processing fee.  The exceptions to this are for match/game fees for tennis and lacrosse teams, and also for the non-refundable deposit of $500.00 per unit for all teams, where no credit card fee will be charged.  Teams are strongly encouraged to set up ACH payments.

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