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SBT was started by Paul Bellingham in 2002.  A former college tennis player himself, Paul's goal is always to get as much tennis played as possible!  And with over 650 dual matches played in the six week period, we get a lot of tennis played!!  Based in Orlando year round, we are here to make your spring break memorable for all the right reasons! 

How it Works

At SBT we want to give you the best of both worlds - the ability to make all the choices without the work of making it happen!  This means YOU choose which teams you want to play, YOU choose which days you want to play, YOU choose how much practice time you have and and YOU choose which of our lodging options you take.  And OUR job is to make that happen.  As your one stop spring break shop, we handle the logistics and leave you to do what you do best: coach your team!

the SBT team


Brian Ormiston

Brian has over 20 years of experience in college athletics, spending 15 seasons in media relations and more than five years with the USTA Collegiate Department. He is a graduate of Michigan State’s School of Hospitality Business.


Paul Bellingham

Paul is committed to ensuring all the teams have the best spring break possible.  As a former player and assistant coach, he knows how much hard work goes into the season - and how hard the players, coaches and parents alike work!  


Lizzie Bellingham

Although rarely seen (she's normally chained to the computer), Lizzie has been a big part of SBT since moving to the US in 2006.  Alex and Soph have grown up with SBT and are now often responsible for your crazy passwords!


Kristen Ventre

With a background in hospitality, Kristen is the perfect addition to the team.  An avid sports fan, her commitment to customer service is outstanding.  Soon to have her first baby, Kristen will be out for a few months, but is looking forward to coming back and working with the teams again.

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